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Who is April Mial?

 April Mial wears many colorful hats… Director, Casting Director, Producer, Writer, and Author. But her favorite hat is being the President of Rock, Groove and Jam! (, a company built on the principal that women are valuable, and once they realize they have a voice, they MUST use it for empowering and inspiring others.

Before she wrote, produced, and directed several projects for others and herself, she started her career interning with Spike Lee, learning how a script turned into a movie. As a poet, she has written several songs that she has used in her projects. As an author, she has written a published book, “Out on a Limb…and Still Standing,” that shares her journey of wanting to become a writer and creating a path that was not laid out for her. At the end of each chapter, she provides an overview of lessons learned. Her follow-up book, “Out on a Limb…Failure is not an option,” takes her journey to the next level and shows people the ups and downs of writing, producing, directing, and marketing her first project. She is an advocate for empowering women and creating stories that not only show how women can overcome challenges in their life, but ways to keep striving for more.

Pictured: Teaching webinar, "Point Me in the Right Direction," where she shares her journey to become a director, the type of stories she selects to write/produce/direct, what directors look for in actors, the auditioning process, expectations on set, and tips of how to connect her passion for being creative with the business of entertainment.

"We connect with creative and professional women who cultivate a new world of possibilities through raw and insightful storytelling. The books, movies, web series and media we produce and support are centered around building communities that look at the role of women from a different lens. Our missi​on is to always highlight women who are passionate about their work and who inspire others to do the same. Our vision is to demonstrate that women can be powerful through an artful venue."

April Mial

Writer, Producer, Director, Founder of RGJ!

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