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CIRCLES: A Different Life

CIRCLES follows the story of two women who are at personal and professional crossroads.  One woman in her fifties, tries to regain the career that she lost by pushes her dreams onto her daughter.  The other woman in her twenties, wants to pursue her career, but continues to hit bumps that make her question that dream.  Each woman must figure out how to navigate through the noise to reach their own happiness. Web Series Release Date: January 2024.

Watch first 3 webisodes for free!

E1-When are you going to take care of me? (7:28)
Shirley’s reaction to seeing an unwanted guest upsets her daughter Roxie.  

E2-I always felt like something was missing (5:05)
Jinga returns home from her trip and tells her best friend some surprising news.

E3-No eggs, No bacon (4:57)
Alphonso struggles to be supportive of his wife’s dreams.  She shows her regret in marrying him.

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