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The Rock, Groove and Jam! movie channel distributes movie either produced by women or that have women in leading roles. Our movies tackle either an obstacle or challenge that the female characters must overcome. Our movie genres are mostly drama that deal with relationships, career paths, life issues, and love.  

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Written, Produced, and Directed by April Mial

Louise surprises her sister Ethel with a visit after years of not talking, but Louise becomes the one surprise after learning about Ethel's unknowing secret.

Fall From Grace

Written, produced, and directed by April Mial

The prequel to TORN, Fall from Grace follows the life of a young boy who idolizes a successful news anchor, not knowing both a similar in more ways than they are different.

Am I Your Favorite?

Written, Produced, and Directed by April Mial

An avid romance novel reader interacts with one of the main characters in her favorite book for one day with unexpected results.


Written, produced, and directed by April Mial

This full feature film follows the story of Juanita, a mother of a young son with hopes of encouraging him to pursue his dreams of becoming a news anchor, while she copes with the struggles she has with her newly released husband from prison.

"We connect with creative and professional women who cultivate a new world of possibilities through raw and insightful storytelling. The books, movies, web series and media we produce and support are centered around building communities that look at the role of women from a different lens. Our missi​on is to always highlight women who are passionate about their work and who inspire others to do the same. Our vision is to demonstrate that women can be powerful through an artful venue."

April Mial

Writer, Producer, Director, Founder of RGJ!

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