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New Release: Rudy & Me

Release Date: May 4, 2022

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Rudy & Me follows Brandy, a young girl and her grandmother Rudy for a few days. Brandy moves in with her grandmother to escape the lonely life within her mother’s new life with a new husband and newborns. Rudy wants to show Brandy love, but in a twist, as she develops Alzhiemers, it is Brandy who shows her grandmother love.

Script written by Brittany "Lenny" Gilbert, an African American female with mild cerebral palsy, Rock, Groove and Jam! is proud to introduce this heartwarming story about the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. This short is based upon her book by the same name. 

Executive Producer: April Mial

Based upon book written by Brittany "Lenny" Gilbert

Starring Timika Hockaday and Liah Sprauve

"We connect with creative and professional women who cultivate a new world of possibilities through raw and insightful storytelling. The books, movies, web series and media we produce and support are centered around building communities that look at the role of women from a different lens. Our missi​on is to always highlight women who are passionate about their work and who inspire others to do the same. Our vision is to demonstrate that women can be powerful through an artful venue."

April Mial

Writer, Producer, Director, Founder of RGJ!

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